New Music Thursday: Domani Harris

“Never let the one who takes the picture, Distract you from your current biggest picture" As the son of T.I a southern rapper, Domani Harris had his work cut out for him. Born on March 16th, 2001 Domani made his debut as a rapper on tour with his father back in 2011. As a reality… Continue reading New Music Thursday: Domani Harris


Too late to apologize?

What if I told you time does not exist? You’d probably tell me I’m full of shit and that I should’ve posted something sooner. You’re probably onto something there(sort of). I apologize a thousand times for the lack of posts over the past six months. Saying that I’ve been busy is the understatement of the… Continue reading Too late to apologize?


Who do you think you are?

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” Jalaluddin Rumi Self-discovery is the most important part of life. It is something you should never stop doing. From reading self-help and self-discovery books to taking all kinds of personality tests. The 16 personality test(Myers Briggs) is the most interesting test I've taken so… Continue reading Who do you think you are?


Fear Less

FEAR. The word itself kinda brings chills doesn't it? Because the moment you see it, your own list of fears seem to magically appear. Lately I found myself re-watching the TV hit series One Tree Hill a show I used to watch way back when. I almost forgot how many great life lessons I learned… Continue reading Fear Less