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FEAR. The word itself kinda brings chills doesn’t it? Because the moment you see it, your own list of fears seem to magically appear. Lately I found myself re-watching the TV hit series One Tree Hill a show I used to watch way back when. I almost forgot how many great life lessons I learned while watching it. During one of the episodes the character Whitey Durham said to Lucas Scott “There’s no shame in being afraid. Hell, we’re all afraid. What you gotta do is figure out what you’re afraid of because when you put a face on it, you can beat it. Better yet, you can use it.” and it made me think of all the times I was afraid of doing something, and how I ended up not doing them at all. The regret I feel is tremendous. I was Afraid of failure, afraid of what others might think of me, afraid of not doing it perfectly, afraid I wasn’t good enough, afraid, afraid ,afraid, afraid. The list of my fears were endless. I think I did a pretty good job masking how afraid I truly was. I’ve been suffering from anxiety from an early age fueling and causing many fears. No matter how hard I tried getting rid of my thoughts they just wouldn’t go away. They would sneak up on me like a thief in the night. One second I was busy going through my daily routine and before I knew it my anxiety came sweeping in like my knight in shining armour.

“There’s no shame in being afraid. Hell, we’re all afraid. What you gotta do is figure out what you’re afraid of because when you put a face on it, you can beat it. Better yet, you can use it.”

There was one word I was afraid of being called; WEAK. I loathed that word with everything I had inside of me. I didn’t ever wanted to be perceived as a weak. Because I wasn’t weak, I was a warrior, fighting demons inside of me that didn’t seem to even flinch every time I tried to fight them off. I was in a battle field of my own. Self-help books, blogs, movies you name it and I tried watched or read them to get rid of this feeling of shame. Shame because I was afraid. Lord knows how afraid I was. It wasn’t until I became an adolescent that I decided to put a face on all the things I’m afraid of. Not knowing that I unconsciously heard it being said in One Tree Hill. Fear doesn’t fade away instantly it takes time, a lot of it. The thing I learned about destroying fear that resides inside of you is to talk about it. The more you talk about fear, the less control it has over you. I know this might not work for everyone but it does for me. Am I fear free? No I’m not. Anxiety is still a part of me, a part I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get rid off. But what I do know is that I have the tools to destroy every thought that tries to consume me. Breathe in, Breath out. Repeat. Talk, write, sing, draw or use any outlet that works for you to defeat fear. I found myself feeling less ashamed of talking about my fears. It’s a big step in the right direction right? I used to think that talking about my fears made them more real. When in reality they already were, whether I talked about them or not. I’m not there yet but I’m one step closer to the final destination.

So many great things can happen in your life when you don’t let fear take over. And I know it’s easier said then done but I believe in you. As I hope you believe in me.
If you have any advice on dealing with fear and anxiety. Make sure to leave them in the comments below!

“Fear changes everything”

See you soon ❤︎

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103 thoughts on “Fear Less”

  1. Living with anxiety is never easy. We all have demons and I think it’s about learning to use our fears to overcome them. A good support system and learning some meditative, calming techniques works wonders.

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  2. when you FEAR LESS you can then experience more. I thought this was beautifully written. I just jumped out of a plane this afternoon. I was afraid, but I didnt let that get the best of me. I wish my friends could also Fear less. YOU ARE A WARRIOR…. keep pressing on past fears and anxieties. Your amazing for sharing this with us all!



  3. It isn’t easy to deal with anxiety, but I know that you can do it if you believe in yourself. It’s better to think positive and think: what can happen to you if you aren’t afraid and just do it?

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  4. I am afraid of to many things and I hate it when it stops me from doing something amazing. So I try to look fear right in the eyes and go for it. But it is hard. But what the heck: what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

    Btw. I love One Tree Hill!

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  5. Wat mij soms helpt is omdenken. Dus denken aan de keren dat iets goed ging bijvoorbeeld. En jezelf confronteren, zoals me hoogtevrees.

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  6. I am also a fan of One Tree Hill!!! Sometimes it seems we create our own fears. We overthink things to the point that the fear takes on a life of its own. The Bible says “do not fear” 366 times, one for each day of the year.

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  7. We need to fight fear or our goals in life will never be accomplished.

    When I was younger I had fear of many people, what they said or think about me in multiple environments…. But from a few years to date that was inverted sand make me feel more realized.

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  8. As someone who has lived with diagnosed chronic generalized anxiety disorder for years, I feel this on a spiritual level. Fear is something that I’ve learned to embrace, and once I can just embrace the fact that I’m anxious instead of trying to fight it as hard as I have, I find a little bit of peace.

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  9. We all have our own fears but sometimes anxiety is the one who causes our downfall. We need to take away our anxieties then face the fear. With the help of the one above (GOD) and the people around us, we can survive and conquer our fears.

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  10. As we move forward in life, fear is always at the back of us lingering and attack us when our self-focus and determination goes low. Not a single person can say that they are fearless in whatever situation they are into. Fear will balance your self-worth.

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  11. Wow this is such a positive and moving post! I think just remembering everyone has shit to deal with it and you can either let it take over your life or find coping mechanisms that make life easier!
    Lola Mia // http://www.lolitabonita.co.uk


  12. Mooi geschreven! Je bent al goed bezig door er zo over na te denken en het op te schrijven. Zet em op!


  13. Ik laat mezelf ook te vaak leiden door angst en ben vaak van tevoren al aan het invullen wat een ander denkt of zou gaan kunnen zeggen. Ik probeer het wat meer los te laten en te denken, als ik dit zeg, wat is het ergste wat er kan gebeuren?


  14. Ik heb altijd het idee dat het de kunst is om een evenwicht te vinden tussen angst en iets toch doen, en angst en bewust besluiten om iets níet te doen omdat de angst in dat geval een zinnige boodschap geeft.


  15. Ahh moeilijk ja! Ik was vroeger ook altijd heel angstig en onzeker, tot ik me ging afvragen waarom eigenlijk….. 🙂 Ik denk dat werken aan zelfvertrouwen een goede stap is tot minder angst. Als je zelfverzekerd ben is er niet veel om angstig of onzeker over te zijn! En mochten mensen je een negatieve ervaring geven dan is dat hun gebrek, en niet iets waar jij over in zou mogen zitten.


  16. I don’t know how i do it actually but it try to set my fears a side and just do it. I don’t like flying but every year I go on holiday by plain. I also went bungee jumping. My hart was in my throat before i had to jump but when i was eventually down again, It was such a great experience.


  17. Iedereen is denk ik wel ergens bang voor, ik ook. Soms zien we leeuwen en beren op die weg, die er uiteindelijk helemaal niet blijken te zijn. Bij mij helpt het om tegen mezelf te zeggen ‘angst is een slechte raadgever’. Mooi artikel!


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